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During the holidays we’re all faced with finding ways to eat and stay healthy despite the abundance of food at family gatherings. Here are 8 simple tips to keep your healthy and happy during a holiday gathering.

1. Snack Beforehand - Eat a piece of fruit before arriving at the party to ease your appetite. The hungrier you are, the more you will act on your hunger to overcompensate and overfill your plate.

2. Pace yourself - Plan to eat and talk over the course of 1 hour rather than shove everything down at once. It takes at least 20 minutes for your stomach to register that you’re full, so giving yourself more time to eat allows you to monitor yourself better.

3. Smaller Plates - Use a smaller plate and plan to go back for seconds and thirds instead of one big plate. Try limiting yourself to only 1 scoop per food item so you can treat your dish like it’s a sampler plate.

4. Keep moving - Sitting in one spot the entire evening will slow down your digestion so after you’ve eaten, move to other areas to strike up conversations.

5. Walking Buddy - When you arrive, announce that you plan to walk with someone after the meal. A brisk 10-minute walk will do wonders to counterbalance your meal.

6. Bring Your Own - Bring your own healthy dish to the party. If the choices offered aren’t the most healthiest at the party, you’ll at least have yours to fall back on.

7. Variety of Drinks - Beverages can add to your waistline as well, so plan to only have one of each the following beverages throughout the night: 1 alcoholic (if over 21), 1 soda, 1 coffee, 1 tea, and the rest water. This combination of unhealthy and healthy drinks will satisfy your pallet with enough without overdoing it on one type of drink.

8. Sample your Desserts - Grab small portions of each dessert and even go halfses with someone on the bigger dessert options. That way, you can taste a lot while still eating a little.

We hope these tips helps to keep you healthy, happy, and stress-free during your holidays!

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