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Do you want cleaner, brighter and healthier skin? 

Getting your skin cleansed of toxins and free radicals is vital to your skin's health today. It is a difficult proposition in this age of pollution and Global warming. When you go outside you are exposed to the sun's UV radiation, which can age your skin prematurely.

Indoor as well has outside pollutants bombard you skin with chemicals and other irritants that damage your skin causing it to wrinkle and dry out. There is a simple solution to these problems and it is all natural as well. Bamboo Charcoal has been use for hundreds of years in Asia and is often call "Black Diamond" due to its unique benefits.

In this article, you'll learn about this amazing product and some of the benefits it offers your skin's health and to protect your skin from the effects of premature aging in today's environment. When you have finished you'll want to add Bamboo Charcoal soap to your face's nightly clearing practices.

Bamboo is the wonder plant of antiquity and today

Bamboo is one of the most flexible of plants. While the mighty oak may be uprooted by strong winds, bamboo bends with the wind and springs back unharmed. Bamboo is used to create homes in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim that warm, keep dry, and protect their owners. Bamboo Charcoal has been used for thousands of years in Chinese TCM and herbal medicines throughout the world. In America it is becoming a popular flooring material because of its beauty, ease of cleaning and its hardness with the ability to stand up to traffic through kitchens, living rooms, and rec rooms.

The charcoal made by the carbonization of this wood has interesting properties as well. It has a 600:1 surface to weight ratio, which means 1 gram of Bamboo Charcoal powder can cover 600 square meters. This is due to the shape of the carbon molecule that is shaped like a small basketball. This material after carbonization is also called activated Charcoal and that’s what we are interested in when we are dealing with you face and skin.

This means Bamboo Charcoal is a purifier second to none. It is used to purify water and in filter masks to allow people to breathe in hazardous places. This also makes it the perfect skin cleaner for absorbing impurities and detoxifying your skin. 

Bamboo Charcoal when blended into a soap brings you the following benefits:

• Antiviral cleanser that kills viruses on contact

• Effective against bacteria and is an antifungal fighter

• In your bath, Bamboo Charcoal releases minerals into your bathwater such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which can provide warming circulation throughout your body. It’s like having a mini-Spa

• Highly absorbent to draw out of your pores dirt, debris, toxins, and free radicals

• Aids in clearing up skin conditions that if left untreated can cause blemishes and scaring

• Because of its ability to absorb impurities, toxins, and removing of free radicals, it makes it a powerful skin cleanser

• Detoxifying properties

• Absorbs Odors

Other benefits of Bamboo Charcoal include:

• Absorbs perspiration when placed under your pillow or bedding while you sleep

• It can also absorb the humidity in a room

• Emits negative ions which counteract the electronic smog that permeates the air around electrical devices, such as computers and cell phones

• Taken internally it absorbs toxins as it passes through your digestive system

• These are just a few of its wondrous properties.

Bamboo Charcoal Soap changes the ecology of your face and skin

These are only some of the benefits and advantages you have to beautify and revitalize your face and skin. Puffiness around the eyes are an indication of excess toxin buildup, using Bamboo Charcoal Soap will rid you of that puffy look after only a short period of use. Today, with Bamboo Charcoal soap, you can balance you face's ecological health, purify your skin and cleanse it like never before. Try in your bath or shower today and see the results tomorrow. You'll be amazed at the changes you'll see in the mirror.

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