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Posted by Joe Lam on

Did you know that you can get temporarily relieve knee pain or stiffness using the ancient art of Tai Chi? This natural method of loosening up and relaxing your knee joint can be applied anytime you have pain, stiffness, or tension in your knees. And the best part is, you can do it anywhere as it only requires the use of your hands. Simply follow the 4 simple & easy steps as outlined below:

1) Sit down

2) Extend your leg out and lock it for steps 3 & 4

3) Quickly rubb the sides of your knee with both hands

4) Grab your patella (knee cap) and move it in a circular motion

This process will help you increase blood circulation throughout your knee area, which can help to temporarily relieve pain and stiffness. While it may not be a cure, it can certainly help to provide some relief. If you want a visual, take a look at the video below from this Tai Chi practitioner to see how it's done:


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