The Bamboo Charcoal Guide for Soap Making

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Bamboo charcoal soap has grown in popularity and started as a very popular trend in Japan and Asia a few years ago. It’s popular because the people there realized how beneficial it can be to the skin. Bamboo charcoal soap simply entails soap made from bamboo that has been burnt to pure black charcoal. The soap boasts of purifying your skin with the aim of making it healthier by detoxifying your skin due to it's high absorption properties. Moreover, bamboo charcoal is an ideal natural alternative to the other skin care cosmetics.

The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Soap Making Bath Set

While there are many bamboo charcoal soaps that you can purchase here in the U.S., if you've ever wanted to learn how to make your own, this article will show you how. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make bamboo charcoal soap and the benefits it can provide you with. Making this soap is quite simple. All you need to have is the right equipment and follow the steps described below.

How to Make Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Now that you have everything that you will need for this DIY bamboo charcoal soap making, you can now start. Make sure you follow the steps below as they are outlined to avoid making mistakes. For beginner soap makers you need not worry, the more you do it the more experience you will gain.

Ingredients for Recipe

  • Soap Base
  • Natural Fragrance Oils
  • Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Equipment Needed

  • Soap Mold
  • Microwave
  • Blender
  • Bowl
  • Spatula or Electric Mixer 

Step 1: Pulverize the Bamboo Charcoal to Powder

You will need to break down the bamboo charcoal into powder form. For every bar of soap that you make it should contain at least a quarter tablespoon of fine powder. This, however, depends on how dark you intend your soap to be. To make it darker you can switch up to a half tablespoon of powder per every bar of soap.

The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal

Here, you can either use the blender or the mortar and pestle. A good blender is, however, more recommendable because of its ability to crush the bamboo charcoal into finer powder form. But, if some bigger chunks are left behind. You can then use a mortar and a pestle. Alternatively, you can also put the bamboo charcoal in a rolling bag and use a rolling pin to pulverize it.

Additionally, we also advise that you strictly rely on activated bamboo charcoal which is free of any impurities that may be harmful to your skin. Activated bamboo charcoal is made by burning the bamboo stalks at temperatures over 1,800 °F (982 °C) and carries the highest absorption properties, about 4x more than wood charcoal. If bamboo stalks are burned at a lower temperature, then it is considered regular bamboo charcoal, which carries less absorption properties.

Step 2: Melt the Soap

In this step, you will have to melt the soap base. You can melt the soap using a double boiler or a microwave. Any that works for you. Make sure that you adhere to the guidelines that accompany the melting soap you bought. Also, be cautious when handling hot soap, because it can cause some serious burns.

The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Soap Making Melt

Step 3: Mix the Soap with the Bamboo Charcoal Powder

The third and most important step is mixing the soap and the bamboo charcoal powder in a bowl with a spatula or electric mixer. You need to do this thoroughly till you observe a shade of black or dark grey in the mixture. When blending together, make sure that the amount of bamboo charcoal is regulated. You don’t want it to be too dense nor should it be too light.

You should always attempt to pulverize the bamboo charcoal as much as possible. However, if you still have some small chunks, you can filter them out. You can then use the fine powder charcoal to make soap that will be used on the face and other sensitive body parts. The powdered bamboo charcoal with some grittiness can be used to make soap that will be used for exfoliating and body areas that you would like to burnish your skin a bit.

Step 4: Additional Ingredients

You can add some natural scents such as fragrance oils to the mixture in order to give the soap a great sense of smell. You also need to be cautious with the amount as putting in high concentrations can overpower one's senses. 

The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Soap Making Fragrance Oil

Step 5: Pour the Bamboo Charcoal Soap Mixture into the Soap Molds

This is where the soap molds come into use. Once you have mixed the molten soap and the bamboo charcoal, you should allow it to settle for a while and then pour it into the soap molds. The molds will help shape the soap mixture into soap bars. When pouring, some bubbles may form. You should make an attempt to remove the bubbles immediately before the mixture hardens. You can use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to spritz the bubbles to remove them.

The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Soap Making Pouring Soap Molds

Also, you don’t need to mind the grey-black lather that is formed by the soap because it won’t in any case stain your washing cloth, skin or porcelain surfaces. However, if it does get on some light clothing, you can easily wash it off.

Final Step: Allow the Soap to Harden

Once the soap is in the molds, give it some time to harden. Once it’s hard, you can pop out the bars from the molds and you can begin using your activated bamboo soap. 

The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Soap Making Bar

But, Why Should I Use Activated Bamboo Charcoal When Making Soap?

You may be wondering, what’s all the fuss with activated bamboo charcoal? Why not other types of charcoal? What makes it so special? For starters, activated bamboo charcoal is an excellent choice for making soap. It’s so popular because of the benefits it can offer your skin.

Activated bamboo charcoal contains unique properties that make it a great skin cleanser and conditioner. It dates back to the Ming Dynasty where it was used to make medicine. It also has absorptive powers, that is, it can draw other elements into itself. Being a natural element, activated bamboo should be your perfect choice for making soap. To further elaborate on how useful activated bamboo charcoal can be, here are its major benefits.

Benefits of Using Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap

  1. It Regulates Excess Skin Oil

Is your skin oily? Do you remember when we said how activated bamboo charcoal is an absorbent? Well, using this soap will enable the charcoal to absorb the excess oil on your skin. Not only does it absorb excess oil, but activated bamboo charcoal absorbs all impurities that are found on the skin. This includes germs, toxins and chemicals that we collect during our day to day activities. Because it has a higher absorbent level compared to regular soaps. It will be able to remove all the excess oil and dirt that the regular soap won’t be able to remove.

The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Soap Making Washing Face

  1. It’s a Natural Exfoliant

Activated bamboo charcoal is also an excellent exfoliant. As a result, it’s good for people who are looking to achieve a fairer skin. Not only is it just an exfoliant but it’s also a natural remedy. You, therefore, need not worry about any side effects. Other than removing dirt and germs, the activated bamboo charcoal also removes dead skin. Shedding off of skin is a normal occurrence for the human body because it allows and paves way for the generation of new skin cells. If the dead skin isn’t exfoliated, it will always lie at the top of the new skin and it leads to the appearance of a dark and lifeless skin.

  1. It Can Treat Acne

Today, acne is becoming a major concern amongst most people. If you have not yet found the treatment of your acne condition, then look no further than activated bamboo charcoal. Acne is usually caused by the accumulation of dirt on the pores in your face. This is bound to happen because our faces aren’t covered so they are prone to dirt exposure. Activated bamboo treats acne by absorbing all the dirt on your facial pores. Therefore, it’s not only a remedy but it also prevents dirt from ever accumulating and forming of acne. Unlike the regular type of soap, activated bamboo charcoal soap does a marvelous job in ensuring that the pores are clean both on the inside and outside.

The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Soap Making Acne

  1. It Helps Treat other Types of Skin Diseases

Besides being a natural acne remedy, activated bamboo charcoal soap can also cure other skin conditions such as eczema. It does so by moisturizing the skin and cleaning it thoroughly. This in turn treats and prevents skin conditions from attacking you at any time. At times using over the counter medication to treat eczema can lead to some harmful side effects such as redness and itching of the skin. Activated bamboo charcoal is purely natural. You can use it without expecting to get any side effects. Bamboo contains anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties and it can thus treat fungi related skin conditions.

  1. It Gives You a Radiant and Healthier Skin

Everyone yearns for radiant and smooth skin. You can achieve that with the help of bamboo charcoal. It will purify and cleanse your skin leaving it glowing, radiant, and rejuvenated. It also cleanses the hair follicles on the skin which is something that regular soaps aren’t capable of ever doing.

The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Soap Making Radiant Skin

  1. It’s a Solution for Preventing Wrinkled Skin

We are all bound to get wrinkles sooner or later. Unfortunately for some people, this may happen a bit sooner than expected. In such cases, it is usually a result of dirt accumulation on the skin. Yes, dirt can make your skin appear wrinkled. Despite the fact that you always take a shower, regular soaps aren’t really good at getting rid of microbial dirt. On the other hand, bamboo charcoal soap will completely clean any traces of dirt and leave you with more youthful looking skin.

  1. It Provides Utmost Body Relaxation

Do you always fancy spending some quality time in your bathtub? Then using activated bamboo charcoal can do wonders for you. It contains a variety of minerals such as magnesium and calcium which are capable of calming the body and giving it a sense of complete relaxation.

  1. It Treats Animal/Insect Bites

The cleansing and absorption properties of activated bamboo charcoal make it great at removing toxins and germs from the body. Therefore, if you incur a bite from an insect or an animal when hiking, camping or whichever activity, bathing with this soap will treat and prevent any infections that may be caused by the bite.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above guide, activated bamboo charcoal is the perfect ingredient for making soap and its benefits are plenty. Most people are usually terrified by the dark color of this soap, but just think about it? Why should you use a colorfully decorated soap that has no advantages?

Bamboo Charcoal Soapmaking

Take into consideration how activated bamboo charcoal soap can help your skin compared to the regular types of soap. If you can’t get your hands on the ready-made bamboo charcoal soap, you can always make it yourself. Just get the required ingredients and follow the laid out procedure above. Moreover, making your own soap is fun because you will have the opportunity to regulate the content of activated bamboo charcoal in the soap. Protect your skin and that of your loved ones today by using activated bamboo charcoal soap. The effects of this precious soap are visible as soon as you start using it.

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