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We all love a sugary drink from time to time, whether it's a glass of soda with a meal, a can of something sweet after a long workday, or even a sports drink after the gym. There is nothing wrong with doing this every so often. But doing this too regularly might not be the best option, as there are many downsides to these sugary drinks that you may not be aware of such as inability to lose weight, hidden GMOs, cavities, and more.

If you do make the decision to reduce your sugar intake, then you may find that your life becomes a little sweeter in terms of improved health and well being. Here are the Top 10 reasons to avoid sugary drinks.

1) There Is Often Much More Sugar In Them Than You Think

When you drink a can of soda or a sports drink that contains sugar, you may think that just one isn't going to be that bad for you. After all, how much sugar can they really contain? The answer is a lot more than you think.

Just one can of standard soda contains around 9-12 teaspoons of sugar. This is a huge amount of sugar, and can really add up if you start drinking more than one a day. After you've read our many other reasons to avoid sugar, you'll want to cut that down.

2) It's The Easiest Change That You Can Make To Help You Lose Weight

Most people would like to lose a bit of weight, and this is probably the best side effect of cutting sugar from your life. Sugar contains many calories, and calories are the key to weight loss. So the fewer calories you ingest, the more weight you will lose. 

Since you've always got to eat, replacing the drink calories with calorie free water, or a calorie free drink is the easiest, and least painful way of reducing your calorie intake. Even if this is all you do, you will fairly quickly notice weight loss if you drink large amounts of soda. You can then use it to be the catalyst to fixing other parts of your diet.

3) Caffeine In Large Quantities Is Not Good For You

Many sugary drinks also contain large amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is a drug, and as with many drugs it can be extremely bad if you ingest too much for your body at any given time. Drinking too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, dizziness, diarrhea, insomnia, and more. You can even become psychologically addicted to caffeine, and this can lead to the situation where you suffer withdrawals if you stop taking it. So by avoiding sugar, you also avoid the negative side effects of caffeine.

4) Many Sugary Drinks Contain Genetically Modified Ingredients

You may have heard of the downsides of GM food. Many sugary drinks contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is derived from genetically modified ingredients. If you are concerned about genetically modified food, then sugar may be an ingredient that you wish to avoid.  

5) They Can Be Very Bad For Your Teeth

Most people are concerned about their appearance. If this sounds like you then avoiding sugary drinks will help you a lot. Sugar can cause extreme damage to your teeth over the long term, causing cavities, and even leading to situations where your teeth may need to be removed.  

6) Energy Drinks Can Be Bad For Your Heart Over The Long Term

Many people grab a can of energy drink several times throughout the day for a boost of energy, but these drinks mix high amounts of caffeine with sugar. This can put a strain on your heart, the most vital organ in your system.

7) There Are Many Better Options If You Want A Sweet Drink 

Maybe you've decided to drop the sugar, because we've convinced you of the dangers of drinking soda. But you've still got a sweet tooth, and you aren't too keen on giving that up. You don't need to worry, because there are many options out there that don't involve sugar. A couple alternative choices are iced tea drinks that tend to be lighter in sugar content or juice, without the added sugar, as some of the fruit's fiber can help balance out the absorption of sugar in your body. 

8) Water Is The Best!

Once you've made the decision to drop sugar, then water should be your go to choice. No calories, and the healthiest drink there is. Replace all of your sugary drinks with water, and you will quickly find that you feel better, more hydrated, and your skin looks better.

9) There Is Little Nutritional Value In Sugary Drinks

This means that they won't fill you up properly, and you won't be getting any of the nutrients that you need to survive from your sugary drinks. In a sense they are empty calories. It is better to replace that sugar with something healthier, then make sure you get all of your nutrients from healthy food.

10) Sugar Is Addictive

This is probably the biggest reason to avoid sugary drinks. When you consider all of the other negatives that have gone before, then combine that with the fact that sugar can be very addictive, it leads to a recipe for disaster.

Of course, if you are reading this, then there is a good chance that you are already addicted to sugar, so breaking that addiction is the first step to a healthier life. Hopefully this article has convinced you of the dangers of sugar, and soon you will take those first steps to a better future.

Like The Old Saying Goes... Everything In Moderation

We're not saying that you need to completely cut out sugary drinks, everything in moderation is a fantastic attitude by which to live your life. But if you gradually reduce your sugar intake, then you will find that there are many great alternatives to help you live a healthier life. 


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