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Discover breathwork and its many healing benefits that include having a more clear & focused mind, lowering stress & anxiety, relaxing your body, experiencing overall calm, and more.

Who introduced breathwork training?
Lady Judith Kravitz introduced transformational breathwork to this world. It's about training people on the actual breathing pattern that helps them find balance in their life.

How to do breathwork training?
Breathwork training is best done with the guidance of a teacher and it involves consciously exerting control over your breathing patterns. Practicing control over your breathing can help you gain mental clarity, focus, lower stress & anxiety, and produce an overall sense of calm. In it's simplest form, it is done by opening up your diaphragm in two parts. 1) Opening the lower belly with a deep, full inhalation or 2) Opening up your chest with a deep inhalation. Each exhale after that should also fully expel the air from your lungs.

Breathwork can also be considered part meditation because when you focus on your breathing, it becomes difficult to become distracted by your thoughts, which helps prime your body for a natural meditative state. Our breath is part of what gives us life, so if you are frustrated and you hold your breath, it may become trapped or stagnant in certain areas of your body or lungs. Consistent breathing helps to free up our frustrations and trapped energy.

Breathwork benefits:
Breathwork can also release tension, anxiety, and emotions, which is in tune with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as they work with the meridians to free up stagnant areas within your body. These are the places where there is tightness due to shallow breathing, which means your full lung capacity is underutilized. So breathwork can open up all those tightened areas in both your mind and body, which can allow for transformation to occur.

Emotional release through breathwork:
If there are some hidden emotions that you can’t reach out through meditation or Qi Gong, breathwork can work for you. You will feel the difference in just a couple of sessions. Keep in mind to stay consistent with the breathing practice. Breathing consciously and fully in the morning and at night will greatly assist in moving your energy in the right direction.

Doing breathwork throughout the day will clear your mind and body and help you be in the present moment because when you are focused on your breathing, your mind becomes less cluttered with constant thinking and your body is able to enter a higher state of relaxation. You'll begin to see a difference in feeling distracted to gaining more clarity and focus with your daily tasks. So find a teacher to learn the proper method, practice it daily, and share the benefits with your family and friends.

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