Nutrient Depletion in the Soil & How Supplements Can Help (Video)

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Discover how crop fields are being overused in our food system and how it affects the food you eat.

Nutrient Depletion in the Soil & How Supplements Can Help

The fruits, vegetables, and all other crops are not more nutrient-rich as they used to be in the past. It is said that we are receiving 50 percent to 70 percent fewer nutrients from natural food nowadays. Why is this so? And what to do to fulfil the nutritious needs of our body? We will answer it all here in this article. So stay tuned…

Nutrient depletion in the soil:

Conventional agriculture is focused more on mass production practices. They produce more without taking into account the proper rotation cycle of crops. They have leached out every useful mineral from the soil in this way and earned huge profits. So when a plant is grown there, it has no more nutrients in it that were used to be a century ago. For example, we knew that oranges are rich in vitamin C., but there is merely any vitamin C in today's oranges. The soil is lacking magnesium, vitamin b12, and silica, which are essential for our health. As a result, people do not have healthy bodies that were used to be in the past. Our bodies are aging more rapidly. People have teeth falling early and are facing hair loss too. Many neurological degenerative disorders are also the cause of this nutrient depletion.

Can supplements help?

Of course, in the situation described above, we need to use the supplement for essential nutrients of our body. Experts recommend to keep it natural as much as you can. It means that we should not just switch to capsules to fulfill the needs of our body. We can consume the food which is processed and ensures essential nutrients into it. It can be in the form of freeze-dried powders or concentrated powders. This way, we will be consuming a way natural substances and also fulfilling the nutritional needs of our body. But we should do research on the source of materials, the manufacturing process and overall practices of a company of which we use supplements. 

Experts recommend going with herbs for nutrients along with roots, barks and powders. Keep the diet natural to the point you can. And use supplements if your body is still lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. Because it is about health which we cannot compromise on. 

About the Interviewee: 
Merissa Marcuccella is the Founder of the raw chocolate company Integrity Cacao:

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• Bachelor’s in Business Management & HR, 2020
• Priestess of the Dove Oracle Level 1, 2019
• Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 2017
• Certified Personal Trainer - NASM, 2013
• Certified Nurse Assistant - PMCI, 2013
• Certified Yoga Instructor 200 hrs - Yogaworks Westlake Village, 2009
• Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor - Yogaworks Montana, 2009

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