What are Fad Diets & Why They are Bad to You (Video)

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Discover the difference between healthy eating vs. following the latest fad diets. 

What are Fad Diets & Why They are Bad to You

A person’s culture, age, environment, eating patterns, and current digestion strength combine to define the current health of a person. If you switch your eating pattern to fad diet, maybe you can get early results. But with lots of long term drawbacks. Let's discuss why fad diets are bad in detail…

Do fad diets work?

Yes, they work. People these days want a fast solution. But not a long term solution. They just want to turn out things upside down rapidly without considering the long term results. They will follow the fad diet and get the desired results. But it continuously creates imbalance into the body. So after some time, the person will face serious health issues, and emotional issues will also come together. Because the person adopted a shortcut to get the desired health and shortcuts never works when it comes to health.

What’s the replacement of fad diets?

Transform your eating patterns and eat healthy food. The results will not be so quick like the fad diets, but they will be long term. There will be many ups and downs, you will be stressed about not achieving the results too. But just stick to it. Soon you will gain the health you want with no drawbacks.

So come out from the illusion of fad diets and start eating healthy. And don't forget to share with us what you feel when you start eating healthy.

About the Interviewee:
Merissa Marcuccella is the Founder of the raw chocolate company Integrity Cacao: https://integritycacao.com

Merissa’s certifications:

• Bachelor’s in Business Management & HR, 2020
• Priestess of the Dove Oracle Level 1, 2019
• Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 2017
• Certified Personal Trainer - NASM, 2013
• Certified Nurse Assistant - PMCI, 2013
• Certified Yoga Instructor 200 hrs - Yogaworks Westlake Village, 2009
• Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor - Yogaworks Montana, 2009

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