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We interviewed Author and Healthy Lifestyle Architect, Brandee Thunberg, who shows you How to Transform Your Mind & Body to improve your life. She does this by using her unique Four Pillar Program that involves Self Care, Mindset, Movement, and Nourishment. She also discussed her new book: “Keys to High Performance Lifestyle”. In the interview, she shares how to establish a daily routine for health, how to balance career & family life, why it's important to focus on body movement vs exercise, and so much more!
About Brandee Thunberg:
Brandee Thunberg is a Healthy Lifestyle Architect who writes, speaks, and coaches on the subject of health and wellness. She has coaching certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Dr. Sear’s Wellness Institute, and is in the process of becoming an Internationally Certified Health Coach. She has been trained by top health and wellness experts in the industry such as Joel Fuhrman, Ariana Huffington, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Bill Sears, and many others.
Brandee is a bestselling author of the book “The Keys to a High Performance Lifestyle: Your 5-Week Catalyst to an Even Healthier, More Successful You.” Through her company, Sunshine Transformations, she has helped countless clients stop feeling unfulfilled and start making health a daily routine in their demanding business and personal life.
Brandee''s Website: Sunshine Transformation
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