Sound Frequency Healing & Meditation w/ the Didgeridoo (Video)

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Research suggests that didgeridoo playing emits sound frequency healing that can improve relaxation for your mind and body. The didgeridoo has a broad spectrum of bass frequencies or bass notes that range between 0-20. These are sound which we can't hear, but they affect like vibrations on our body. This article sheds light on how sound healing therapy can benefit your body.

What is Sound Healing?

It’s like a sound massage where the therapist plays the didgeridoo over a person. The person enters into a deep meditative state like a yogic breath practice that subtly shifts their quality of life. Deep breathing while having the didgeridoo played over your body helps relax your muscles. When someone experiences it for the first time, it can be like a massive sound system that can work to heal the body as the sound vibrations pass through the person. Then the meditation starts and at the end of the first session, either they fall asleep or come back from a very deep meditative place.

The didgeridoo has a mysterious way of working as sound healing meditation because it's the same vibration that our heart, liver, and tissues resonate at. It shakes loose the stagnant places in your body's system and balances circulation and energy throughout the body. Society and technology are moving fast. Everything is now running at a faster pace. So we all need to slow down the process and take time to relax the whole nervous system. Sound healing meditation is now becoming popular and is transforming people's lives by slowing people down from this fast paced environment.

Sound Healing Benefits

Sound healing therapy really relaxes the nervous system and each part of the whole body and also brings mindfulness. The deeper we relax, the more we benefits we derive from it. People really go into a deep meditative place and sometimes even on a shamanic journey. There are a lot of people that open up to visions of meeting with past family members who are not here anymore. Some people claim they have out of body experiences after they've come back from the session. This experience changes their lives dramatically.

How does sound vibration affect the body?

Everything has a measurable frequency. In the language of didgeridoo, it's called entrainment. So it assists when a person is holding a frequency to a vibration that is more consistent and powerful. Our head is connected more to the past and future than to the lower body. The didgeridoo assists by fully integrating your mind with your body. So if the people have awareness about what they are holding onto, they will breathe it out into the didgeridoo sessions. In return, they will experience a renewed self.

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  • Sound has been used for healing since turn of the century for entire small towns in Mexico. The pipe organ was used to deliver these healings. These huge organs were played not for entertainment but for healing the sick. Congregations were meeting for healing..not sermons! Was very effective and healed many for years with it’s tremendous sounds and vibrations. The pipe organ then got widdled down to what we have today which serves no medicinal purpose whatsoever. Progress??? For whom? What a shame..lost in translation I suppose!

    Dacia Tupling on

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