What is Processed Food & Why It is Bad For You | Obesity in America (Video)

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Learn about how processed foods are the likely cause of rising rates of obesity in America.

What causes obesity in America?

Over 35 percent of American adults are obese. It is estimated to approach 40 percent in a few years. We will discuss its causes and how we can turn it around in this article. Let's start the discussion…

Causes of obesity: 

The leading cause of obesity in American people is processed food. People are so busy in their daily lives and as a result, they prefer to eat processed food instead of cooking themselves. Why is processed food bad for you? The manufacturing process of this food includes adding additives, so side effects are also packed together. The bitter truth is that young children also consume this food. In growing age when they need to eat healthy food, they are drinking soda. That is causing their teeth turning silver. And believe me, these children are of age 3 or 5 only.

What is processed food?

What makes food processed is when a food item has undergone mechanical or chemical operations to change or preserve it for longer shelf life. Processed food can be found in a box, a bag, or has additional ingredients mixed into it. When you read the ingredient label and you see the food item contains more than one item on the list of ingredients, it's considered processed food. 

How to avoid processed food:

We should all work together to spread awareness among the people regarding potential health issue by the consumption of low-quality food. Because our body is not a processing plant. It is not designed to digest such kind of food. Be strict in the buying and eating patterns of your whole family. There are many ways to detect the quality of the food we are buying, only by reading labels. If the label says that it contains MSG or yeast extract, then our mind should give us a signal. Because MSG has many meanings and there are many low-quality variants of yeast extracts too. Also, inspect for labels that say they are natural. Detect if the food is natural or the word 'Natural' is only included in the brand name. But believe me, there is nothing 100 percent natural when processed. 

Is a healthy life possible again?

Don't be hopeless if you are overweight or obese. Nothing is impossible. You just need to change your lifestyle a bit, and everything will be back to normal in a short time. It will be challenging and require a lot of dedication and self-love. Commit to yourself and get started. Do some regular exercise, eat healthy food and reduce sugar consumption. 

Most importantly, say goodbye to processed food. Believe me, your body deserves quality food and it will respond in a better way when you provide it with the right tools.

About the Interviewee: Merissa Marcuccella is the Founder of the raw chocolate company Integrity Cacao: https://integritycacao.com

Merissa’s certifications:

• Bachelor’s in Business Management & HR, 2020
• Priestess of the Dove Oracle Level 1, 2019
• Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 2017
• Certified Personal Trainer - NASM, 2013
• Certified Nurse Assistant - PMCI, 2013
• Certified Yoga Instructor 200 hrs - Yogaworks Westlake Village, 2009
• Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor - Yogaworks Montana, 2009

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