What is Ayurvedic Medicine & What Does It Mean (Video)

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Learn about Ayurvedic Medicine and how you can used it to live a more balance life. 

What is Ayurvedic Medicine & What Does It Mean

Ever thought what is ayurvedic medicines and how they can be used to treat ailments? Before this, you need to clarify what does Ayurveda means. So let's start exploring Ayurveda…

What is Ayurveda?

It's a profound concept that goes deep into nature. It is breaking down everything that we experience. It can also be called as elemental makeup. It is just as our food is made up of many elements. Same like the food, we humans are also made up of a combination of elements. So when it is about us, we will look for everything in our life. If it is a summer season, then we will look for how this hot season is going to impact our lives. It can be said as a navigation tool to find out something. This navigation looks for our sleep cycle, our lifestyle, our food, and our physical care.

How Ayurveda works:

The goal is to find out the imbalance into the body. And to create balance by ayurvedic food or ayurvedic medicines. So if the body is in the balance as per Ayurveda, then there is no disease. If there is an imbalance, it can lead to stress in mind, a physical ailment or a severe ailment. It is about finding balance, whether through food, mindfulness practices or even by colors therapy or gem therapy. If someone is prone to heartburn problem, then Ayurveda will breakdown it as the acid is breaking down the person's diet. And the result will be that he loves to eat spices and fried food. When Ayurveda looks outside, and it's a hot summer day then it also boosts the fire things within.  

So Ayurveda looks at the patterns and suggests the solutions. This is all done by breaking down of whatever happens in life, and whatever a person does. This is a basic summary of Ayurveda. Don't forget to share with us after you implement Ayurveda in your lives.

About the Interviewee:
Merissa Marcuccella is the Founder of the raw chocolate company Integrity Cacao: https://integritycacao.com

Merissa’s certifications:

• Bachelor’s in Business Management & HR, 2020
• Priestess of the Dove Oracle Level 1, 2019
• Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 2017
• Certified Personal Trainer - NASM, 2013
• Certified Nurse Assistant - PMCI, 2013
• Certified Yoga Instructor 200 hrs - Yogaworks Westlake Village, 2009
• Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor - Yogaworks Montana, 2009

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