How to Eat Food Seasonally & Why (Video)

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Discover how you can use Ayurvedic Medicine to eat according to the seasons for optimal health benefits. 

How to Eat Food Seasonally & Why

We all know that dietary needs change in every stage of life. A child has a different nutritional need, and it changes when he is a young adult when an adult and when he grows old. Its all because the requirements of the body vary continuously. Along with age, dietary needs of the body change with the seasons. So we need to learn how to eat with the seasons. Let's start with the summer…

What we eat in the summer season:

The summer is dry and hot, sometimes windy too. So the body needs cooling and moisturizing foods in this season. If we eat spicy foods in summer, it will create internal heat. It adversely affects our digestive system and makes our temperament hot. To save your body, you need food like coconut water or homemade lemonade that naturally replenishes electrolytes. This will also save you from headaches, which is the sign of dehydration.

What to eat in the fall season:

The season when moves from hot to cold in the fall, it is still dry but chill. The body now needs hot tea, coffee, hot soups, and different spices and seasonings of foods that make the body warm. It will also strengthen the digestive system.

What type of food we should eat in the winter season:

This is cold, and still, we need to have warm food. We need to use warm spices and warm clothes, everything which can keep us warm and keep our body stable.

What to eat in the spring season:

This season is chill and moist. Most of the time, people get cold in spring because they have more mucus. The very simple solution is to watch your dairy intake. Because more dairy intake leads to more mucus. People also face allergies in this season. But if they pull back their dairy intake, their body will be safe from pollen allergies.

That’s how to eat seasonally. Take these points seriously so that you can enjoy the seasons while being healthier.

About the Interviewee:
Merissa Marcuccella is the Founder of the raw chocolate company Integrity Cacao:

Merissa’s certifications:

• Bachelor’s in Business Management & HR, 2020
• Priestess of the Dove Oracle Level 1, 2019
• Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 2017
• Certified Personal Trainer - NASM, 2013
• Certified Nurse Assistant - PMCI, 2013
• Certified Yoga Instructor 200 hrs - Yogaworks Westlake Village, 2009
• Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor - Yogaworks Montana, 2009

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