Bamboo Vinegar Soap for Oily, Itchy, & Problematic Skin - 3 Pack

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Soften & Smooth Your Skin with a Rich Lather of Bamboo Vinegar. 

The Healing Tree Bamboo Vinegar Soap is specially formulated with natural ingredients and as beneficial properties for people with oily or problematic skin. It is completely different than distilled vinegar as is not harsh on your skin. People with acne, eczema, and psoriasis have been drawn to our bamboo vinegar bar soap as it can unclog pores to draw out toxins that your skin has absorbed from the environment as well as serve as a powerful deodorizer. Bamboo vinegar is a pyrolegnic acid that contains up to 400 organic compounds, which is highly beneficial and allows it to draw out and remove waste from your skin. Our bamboo vinegar bar soap can nourish your skin as it balances the oils in your face and improves hydration for better moisture retention. And its rich, silky lather can create a noticeably softer and smoother complexion.

Bamboo Vinegar is produced through the natural act of carbonization of making bamboo charcoal, which is found in many of our other products. Bamboo stalks from sustainable forests are heated in an airless container during a bamboo charcoal firing process of 1,800º F for 2-weeks. Then, the vapors released become condensed and cooled down to produce bamboo vinegar liquid. From that process, we turn it into a bamboo vinegar bar soap that carries a naturally smoky scent, much different than the tangy scent of regular vinegar found in household cleaning products. The raw scent may surprise you at first, but the naturalness of it is appreciated by many people because, unlike other soap companies, we do not covered it up with any artificial fragrances.

Try our bamboo vinegar soap today and we're certain you'll love how your skin feels!

Bamboo Vinegar Soap Benefits:

  • Naturally Powerful Deodorizer
  • Relieves Temporary Itchiness related to Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis
  • Draws Out Harmful Toxins & Waste
  • Balances Hydration and Oils in Your Face
  • Aids in Moisture Retention
  • Softens & Smoothes Skin
  • Rich, Silky Lather
  • Natural, Plant Based Ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Detoxifying
  • For Oily, Itchy, or Problematic Skin
  • Fragrance Free
  • No Added Colors, Fillers, Alcohol, Chemicals, or Preservatives
  • No Animal Testing

    Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Water, Glycerin, and Bamboo Vinegar.

    Customer Testimonials:

    My skin type is darker, problematic, mature, hyper pigmentation issues with congested pores, adult acne. I started using this soap once a day, sometimes in the morning, other times after a long day of wearing makeup. I looooove the blend of this soap. It's beyond words. There are times I wash with this bar on my face more than a few times a day and it never, ever dries me up. As a matter of fact, it balances the hydration and oil levels so my skin looks naturally radiant. Thank you The Healing Tree.

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