Below are commonly asked questions about our products.

What are the main benefits of Bamboo Charcoal?

Bamboo Charcoal activates with your body heat to provide self-warming, natural relief. Natural warmth helps increase blood circulation, which in turn delivers nutrients, protein, and oxygen to the affected area. Also helps relieve achy joints due to aging, inflammation after workouts, muscle relief, mobility & flexibility, discomfort, and more. It never needs recharging, requires no electricity, and is safe for all ages.

How does Bamboo Charcoal absorb sweat, odor, & harmful toxins?

Bamboo Charcoal is 4x more porous than wood charcoal, so it is highly absorbent. As a result, it draws in a lot of pollutants found in our environment as well as excess sweat and neutralizes body odor.

How is Bamboo Charcoal made?

We take Bamboo stalks from sustainable forests and fire them in a kiln for up to 1,800 Fahrenheit for 2 weeks long. This pyrolysis process creates a bamboo charcoal powder known as "Black Diamond". From there, it activates with your body heat for self-warming, natural relief. So by itself, it does nothing. It requires body heat to activate.

Does the charge of Bamboo Charcoal ever go away?

No, Bamboo Charcoal is carbonized so it is in its end state. It will always activate with your body heat, but you just have to renew it in sunlight every now and then to free up the pollutants it has absorbed.

Is it machine washable?

Yes, most of our products are machine washable. However, please see the care instructions at the bottom of each product page.

How and why do you need to renew it in sunlight?

Simply leave it in direct sunlight once a month, for 1 hour or more as desired. This doesn't recharge the bamboo charcoal, but instead, it releases back into nature all of the pollutants it absorbed, which can "gunk up" the fabric.

Which hand does the Carpal Support fit on?

Our Carpal Supports are interchangeable for both Fiery Pro and Bamboo Pro Supports.