Bamboo Charcoal Pet Mat

Bamboo Charcoal Pet Mat (Brown) | Soothes Tired Muscles & Achy Joints

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Activates with your dog's body temperature for self-warming, natural relief. Made with Bamboo Charcoal Technology.

Dogs are naturally attracted to our Bamboo Charcoal Pet Mat for its unique Bamboo Charcoal Technology that provides natural relief. It works by activating with their body temperature to bring light, restorative warmth to their achy joints. This can help increase blood circulation, which in turn, soothes tired muscles, reduces soreness, lower stress & anxiety, and melt away discomfort. The Bamboo Charcoal Pet Mat is simple and easy to use because once they step on it, the bamboo charcoal begins to activate.

There is no danger of overheating because the sensation they feel is a light, warm tingling, which is much different than a heating pad. Plus, there's no plug in so it's completely safe. Just place the mat on your floor, sofa, bed, or car seat, and your pet will naturally gravitate to it, due to the bamboo charcoal inside. Also great for easing stress & anxiety for your pet when a new visitor arrives in your home, traveling in cars or planes, during cold nights, or thunderstorms. Can also be used in crates to calm their restlessness while traveling. You can also place it on furniture to help protect it. It's made with triple layered fleece that's comfortable for them to lie on. It's also safe, portable, and machine washable. 

Bamboo Charcoal Pet Mat Benefits

    •  Bamboo Charcoal Technology
    •  Self-Warming for Natural Relief
    •  Soothes Achy Joints due to Aging
    •  Reduces Stress & Anxiety
    •  Calms Restlessness
    •  Absorbs Odor, Moisture, & Toxins
    •  Soft & Durable
    •  Non-Toxic
    •  Triple-Layered Fabric
    •  Machine Washable

Available in 5 Sizes:

    •  Small: 20"x20"
    •  Medium: 30"x20"
    •  Large: 40"x30"
    •  X-Large: 50"x30"
    •  XX-Large: 60"x40"

Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water. Dry on gentle cycle, low heat. To release odor, toxins, & pollutants absorbed by the pet mat, place in direct sunlight or under a full spectrum light bulb once a month for an hour, or as desired.

Materials: Dual Outer Layers (100% Polyester), Inner Lining (100% Bamboo Charcoal Viscose).


"My sweet companion has very bad joints, this is the reason I tried this blanket. She is sleeping better at night and spends part of the day also resting on it. I am very pleased with it,. IT also has been washed several times and has held up great." - Coraleene Kleckner

"Our pet love this mat, and you can feel the heat produced by his body heat." - Nelson Rock "Nelly"

"From the moment I took the mat out of the box, Sam was very interested as were my cats also. I was hesitant because Sam does not like anything but with his hip dysplasia, I wanted to find a product to help him feel better. I put the mat on the floor and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the picture below of Sam and the mat……..I highly recommend this product for any pet owner. This mat has helped so very much make my pets less stressful." - Tammie Pankuch

"Rosetta's new mat came in a couple of days ago and she couldn't be happier! I really think that this mat helps her to be able to be more active because it's so soothing. A 21 year old cat needs something like this. Thank you, The Healing Tree, for such a wonderful product." - Kimberley R.

I ordered the medium and it is more than big enough for my Maine Coon. All 3 of my cats tussled over who got first dibs on it. I swear it had catnip in it the way they were acting! Needless to say it is a favorite spot. - Janine


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  • Does charcoal from the mat stain carpet?

    No it doesn not stain carpet. The pet mat may darken a bit from the bamboo charcoal, but it won't stain anything.