Self-Heating Knee Support | Magnets & Tourmaline | Adjustable Fit

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Soothe Your Knee Joint Discomfort with Natural Heat

Our Fiery Pro Self-Heating Knee Support is made with natural, dual technologies of magnets and tourmaline. This durable knee brace is made with 8 powerful neodymium magnets that activate with your body temperature. When worn, natural heat will begin to generate in about 20 minutes to provide natural heat. This deep heating sensation can increase blood circulation if you have a painful knee joint and as a result, can warm up and relax the surrounding muscles and cartilage. It's great for easing sore muscles, inflammation after exercise, improving mobility and flexibility, and melting away knee joint discomfort. If for some reason you feel no effects in your knee after wearing this knee brace, just put water over the red patch area that holds the magnets inside and this will boost the speed and effectiveness of the self-heating activation process.

How to Wear:

The materials in our knee brace are made up of a combination of spandex, polyester, and cotton flannel, which are study material that make for a great support. The front of the knee brace is 10.5" x 7.5", while the three adjustable velcro straps allows it to reach up to 20" in circumference. Start by placing the red patch of the knee brace so that it touches the skin of your knee joint, and then attach the 3 straps behind your knee to secure it in place. You'll still be able to walk while wearing it, but it's not meant to be worn with strenous activity like running or playing sports. Within 20 minutes, you should begin to feel the magnets activate using your body's natural temperature. You may even feel the heating effects for up to 2 hours after removing it. And if it's too hot for you, simply put milk over the affected area and it will completely dissipate the heat sensation. 

Self-Heating Knee Joint Support --> Deep, Penetrating Heat can help:

  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Improve Muscle Relaxation
  • Ease Soreness in Your Knee Joint
  • Reduce Inflammation after exercise
  • Boost Knee Flexibility & Mobility
  • Provide Soothing Knee Joint Discomfort

Knee Brace Benefits:

  • Advanced Magnets & Tourmaline Technology
  • Generates Natural Heat
  • No Plug-In
  • No Side Effects
  • Re-Usable
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Long Lasting, Durable Support

Adjustable Fit: 3 Velcro straps adjust to fit most knees.

Measure: Around your leg, 2" above knee cap

Size: 0"-20" Circumference 

Materials: 35% Spandex, 35% Polyester, 30% Cotton Flannel, Magnets (8 count), and Tourmaline.

How to Clean:

To clean it, use a wet cloth and wipe. Do not machine was as the magnets and tourmaline can get loosened up.


  • Do not use knee support if you wear a pacemaker or electromechanical prosthesis since magnets may cause electrical interference in these devices.
  • Do not place the knee support on open wounds, eyes, or highly sensitive parts of your body.
  • If you have sensitive skin, try the product for 5-10 minutes and monitor your skin to see how it reacts. To minimize the risk of skin burns, remove the wrist support if the heat becomes too intense. You can also apply milk on affected area, which will instantly dissipate the heat.
  • Placing water on your skin within one hour after removing the knee brace will bring back the heat sensation.

Directions for Use:

  • Attach the knee brace using the 3 velcro straps and wear directly touching your skin.
  • You should feel the heating effects on your skin within 20 minutes of wearing it. 
  • Wear for longer if you don't feel anything to allow the magnetic field to adjust to your knee's temperature.
  • If you don’t feel any heating or cooling sensations, it either means you have no discomfort in your knee or magnets do not work well with your body. (we'll be happy to refund you if this is the case)
  • If the heat is too intense, you can dissipate the heat by putting milk on your knee.

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  • Do these come in different sizes?

    These are one size fits most because it comes with adjustable straps that reach up to 20" in diameter around your leg. Simply measure according to the instructions in the description.