Self-Warming Wrist Supports | Bamboo Charcoal Technology | 1 Pair (2 Bands)

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Get Soothing Relief for Your Achy Wrists

Self-Warming Wrist Supports are great for providing natural joint relief. Most supports are made with just fabric, but the advantage of our joint supports is that it contains 100% Bamboo Charcoal Technology that's built right into the fabric. Bamboo charcoal has been widely used in Asia for hundreds of years and is now making it's way to the U.S. It's made with Bamboo Charcoal Technology that activates with your body temperature for self-warming, natural relief. Soothing warmth can help improve blood circulation for painful joints, reduce muscle soreness, reduce inflammation after workouts, help increase wrist joint mobility, soothe discomfort, and more!

These wrist supports are comfortable to wear for all day relief whether at work, home, playing sports, or during sleep. They have dual elastic bands on each end so it's stretchable enough to fit nearly any wrist. Simply pull them over your wrists and within 15 minutes you may feel a light warm, tingling sensation and relaxation overcome the affected area to let you know it's working.

Our Wrist Joint Supports are also more durable, thicker, and breathable than most wrist joint supports. Bamboo charcoal also has an added benefit of being highly absorbent of odor, moisture, and toxins so it won't smell like other wrist joint supports. You can even leave it in direct sunlight once a month or as needed, which helps release the toxins back into the environment. Plus, it's machine washable.

    Size: Fits Most

    Materials: 43% Bamboo Charcoal Viscose, 32% Polyamide Fiber, 17% Latex Elastic, 8% Polyurethane Fiber

    Directions for Use: For best results, wear the Bamboo Pro™ support directly on your skin. The support does not need to be tight or constricting for the bamboo charcoal to activate.

    Care Instructions:  Machine wash in cold water. Dry on gentle cycle, low heat. Bamboo charcoal is high in absorption so to release odors and pollutants it may have absorbed, place the product in sunlight or under a full spectrum light bulb once a month for an hour, or as desired.

    Are You a Military Veteran? If you've served in the U.S. military, you can request a FREE joint support on us! Please email a copy of your military ID, product & size desired, and your mailing address to:

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    • One of the reviews stated not as pictured, that they are shorter. So how many inches long are they? The description does not state that information.

      Hi Debbie, The photo is not an accurate way to measure because it becomes warped when it is worn on a person's wrist. When it is laying down flat, the Wrist Support is 3.25" x 3.25" and stretchable to fit almost any wrist. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks! - Joe